MIX10 Today


MIX10, today at Las Vegas we shipped the cool stuffs that all of you are awaiting for months. Windows Phone 7 is the next generation of Windows Mobile, you will soon see it on the market. We also confirmed the release of Silverlight for Symbain Mobile, this is a great news for Symbain users.

Today what we shipped are:

Not only Windows Phone 7 which was introduced in the Keynote today, we also revealed Bing Mapwith 3D real images and street view usingPhotoSynth technology and Ebay showed off theirSilverlight Desktop App there.

There were many cool things in Keynote, but I can’t just write it all here, you can view/download it on 18/March/2010, 24hrs after the Conference. Anyway you can watch it live by tomorrow at 9:30 am PST.

Oh, one sneak peak, Silverlight 4 the PowerBook in Khmer Language will be available after the final release of Visual Studio 2010.

Hope this helps…

Thanks you Piseth


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