Tragedy of the Forced Marriage

Pol Pot completely destroyed legacy trace of Khmer tradition. Traditional, religious ceremonies, Khmer traditional arts, religious beliefs and traditional marriage were eliminated. Celebrating the ceremonies can make Khmer people calm down. It also helps relieve their sins.

Khmer Rouge also eliminated Khmer traditional funeral and cremation ceremonies. Tamil Pol Pot’s order was to bury corpse cruelly without coffins, clothes, and religious funeral. A little necessary ceremony celebration was also abused brutally by the Tamil.

Forced Marriage (Pol Pot-arranged marriage)KR-wedding-s.jpg
Pol Pot disliked romantic marriage, children, and Phnom Penh’s intelligent children. The forced marriage restricted to be carried out across the country was caused by reasons. First, they hated good-looking women; second, they opposed general Khmer tradition and civilization. That’s why they forced those beautiful young women who were difficult to court and the proudest women to marry the disabled soldiers – the amputees, and the blind.

The case occurred frequently and the forced marriage was generally not successful. The revolution over the unmerited policy was almost made by groups of young women. The forced marriage resulted in suicide and other sacrifices.

Miss. Gnuon Sopheap, then 23, who now worked at the Ministry of Information Dissemination and Culture, said her sister, named Gnuon Vuoch Ny, suffered from such a tragedy. She is a widow and her husband was sent to Phnom Penh by the powerful militias in Krala commune, Kompong Siem district, Kompong Cham. She had three children and held the bachelor degree of literature. She and other 19 widows in the village were forced to get married one-by-one to the disabled soldiers of Pol Pot. The victims who disagreed on such a forced marriage were cruelly jailed. Then, the angers of those hopeless and sorrowful women reached the peak and broke out. The unfortunate young women then reached a joint determination. They would die rather than getting married to the notorious killers.  Following her release, Gnuon Vuoch Ny became the most friendly, intelligent, beautiful and skillful in literature.

She had known she could not be able to escape from the forced marriage. She decided to kill herself, by taking many gruff grains. She was sorrowfully survived by her two lovely children, aged 10 and 12. After she died, her children did not get any supports. Luckily, they have survived until now, according to the two children.

The 19 widows were killed by the ruthless soldiers after cruelly raped. The 20 widows were the “new people” and considered as the third class.

Before forcing those young women to get married to the disabled soldiers, they had selected young women in a mobile work brigade.  Then, there was an angry reaction of suicide. Two beautiful young women hung themselves to avoid the inhumane forced marriage. Some young women agreed on the forced marriage because they feared for their fathers’ safety. If they refused, their fathers would be killed.


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