Meet the OLPC’s $75 laptop

XO-2 laptop, keyboard view

Even with the price of what used to be known as the “$100 laptop” still hovering closer to the $200 mark, the organization behind the XO laptop design is at work on a next-generation device with an even lower target price: $75. To get there, it’s counting on advances in software technologies and in hardware development, including work on processors and displays.

Hence the typing experience depicted here in the One Laptop per Child organization’s XO-2 mockup, where the standard laptop keyboard has been replaced by a QWERTY touch screen. That reconfiguration would also allow for customizable keyboards, the OLPC said Wednesday, with younger children using a simplified keyboard and older ones able to use designs specific to various applications and multiple languages.

Credit: One Laptop per Child

Caption text by Jonathan Skilling

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